New! – Boile Lake Žabar

Esteemed fellow fishermen,

We would like to inform you that we have launched the manufacture of boilies for the purpose of feeding the fish in our lake. Our goal is to preserve and advance our fish stock as well as increase fish growth overall.

We have conducted extensive research in an effort to discover which ingredients and foods would make our boilie mix of the highest quality possible. We consulted with prominent professors and ichthyologists, numerous fishermen, as well as people long since established in the manufacture of foods and carp growth. With their help, we were able to devise a boilie mix that consists of 39% protein, easily digestible due to a series of fresh and natural ingredients. Such a balanced boilie will ensure the optimal growth and form of the fish in our lake.

During the 2018 fishing season, we will perform regular and planned feedings of the fish throughout the lake. The fish will be fed three times a week, on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8-10h. They will be fed across all positions, on clearly marked feeding sites. We will be feeding every position without exception, regardless of whether or not it is occupied. The feeding will employ 2-4 kilograms of boilies (the exact amount will depend on the water temperature) and 5 kilograms of boiled corn.

Asides from fish form and growth, it is our aim to use systematic and persistent feeding to induce the fish to come to the feeding sites and move across the lake. Should the fish move more in search of food, we will be able to make all fishing positions more attractive and increase the quality and success of catches in our fishing campaigns.

The boilies used for feeding the fish will be available at the lake at production cost, packaged at 5 kilograms, available in 18 and 22 millimetres. The price is 10 KM or 5 euros per kilogram of boilie. Fishermen will still be allowed to feed and catch the fish with their own boilies with no limit in regards of the quantity.

In the hopes that you will understand our decision, we wish all our fellow fishermen a successful upcoming season!

Thank you!