Fishing activities on lake Zabar are performed solely and exclusively based on the principle of, and in accordance with, the “Catch & Release” movement, therefore all caught fish specimens must be returned into the water immediately after being measured and photographed.
The lake is predominantly meant for carp fishing and various modern methods are applied to catch both carp and grass carp. Aside from that, after the carp fishing season is finished, it is allowed to lure fish for predatory specimens (from November 1st to March 1st in all fishing seasons).
Based on analyses conducted and fish caught, it has been established that our lake contains numerous carp and grass carp specimens weighing from 10 up to 40 kilograms. Many capital examples of predatory fish can also be found in the lake: catfish, pike, perch, asp.

Set off now and bring nothing with you but the bare necessities!
We will provide you with accommodation. We offer bungalows with two and three beds. While you’re at the lake, the following is at your disposal free of charge: cradles, weigh slings and weigh tripods. You can also buy fish food here: corn, pellets and quality boilies that are sure to bring excellent results at our lake.

We are expecting you! Catch the fish of your dreams!