fish stock

Regular and planned restockings of mostly carp, but also some other kinds of predatory fish, are performed on lake Zabar every year.
The fish stock on lake Zabar has increased significantly in the past 2-3 years. Being that all fish inserted into the lake are previously microchipped, as is the case with native lake fish that are caught, we have very precise dana regarding the condition of the fish stock: health conditions, growth and possible death of all specimens.

Our lake contains over 1,500 microchipped fish (carp). The fish is regularly fed in those parts of the year when there isn’t much fishing activity, so an average growth of over 3 kilograms per fish specimen has been noted. According to our data, the lake contains over 20 tons of carp and 3-4 tons of grass carp of different weights and phenotypes.

Aside from the main lake, we have also capacitated another smaller lake where we breed our own carp and have produced approximately 100 specimens. They are on an intense feeding regime and after they reach a certain weight, they will be transported into the main lake. We plan to maintain the trend of regular restocking with capital fish specimens in the years to come.

fish care

Depending on the requirements, we maintain a regular schedule of feeding the fish in the lake.
Starting from 2017 season, we have established regular feedings of the fish. An atropa has been set on each position, so that fish can be fed regardless of the presence of fishermen. This is performed by the fishguard service at the following times:
Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m.
Tuesday from 8 to 10 a.m.
Thursday from 8 to 10 a.m.

These feedings are very important because the fish require a great quantity of food. In our experience, the fishermen don’t provide the fish with enough food and this is why we’ve decided to introduce this measure.

We also disinfect the water frequently. This is a measure that is impossible to plan, as it is closely connected with variable factors such as climate conditions, physical and chemical properties of water in certain periods of the fishing season, etc. This is why we can never properly schedule the disinfection process, with the exception of early spring, when we perform preventive lake liming, i.e. we disinfect the water using lime.

At the beginning of fishing season 2017 and before the beginning of fishing activities, the fish guard service will perform the disinfection of landing nets for all fishermen. The reason for this is the prevention of the deadly koi virus. It is forbidden for fishermen to bring their own cradles and weigh slings. They are required to use those at the lake. Aside from cradles and weigh slings, they will also be provided with weigh tripods free of charge.
All abovementioned measures, and potential new ones in the coming years, are and will be established in accordance with science and technology, and all with the aim of improving and protecting the fish stock.