Aerators for an oxygen-rich lake

There were several instances of extremely warm consecutive weeks in 2017. This is why we had to implement 6 aerators, which we used to mix oxygen with water, i.e. fill the water with oxygen. Aside from that, when the aerators are at work, they help regulate the pH value of water, which means they decrease the possibility of big oscilations in the pH value on a daily level. This then leads to more intense feedings of the fish, without the so-called breaks in feeding.

Along with the already established disinfections with lime and blue rock conducted by the fish guard service, aeration should provide better biochemical water quality in the future, which would improve the life conditions of capital fish specimens.

Ichtyologists have confirmed that aerators will be very important for lake Zabar in the winter. They should take care of the artificial water flow when in cold weather, which would help carp and other fish species in the lake have food for longer periods of time. These water movements will prevent freezing in the winter when the temperatures are low (with the exception of extremely low temperatures). The lakes that remain frozen for a long time can cause serious damage to the fish. This is especially characteristic of commercial lakes such as ours, where there is a large concentration of fish.

Fish care comes first!
Mišo Jović