About the lake

Lake Zabar came into existence through the process of gravel excavation that lasted from the mid-sixties until the end of the seventies of the past century, which is when it retained the look it has until this day. The lake complex covers the area of 26 hectares, 19 hectares of which is water.

The coasts are overgrown with grass, forests and decorative trees, while water plants such as sedges and reeds can be found in the coastal parts.

The shape of the lake resembles an oval ellipsis and the coastline is jagged: there are three large peninsulas and one island, as well as a few big bays.


The lake offers:

• an administrative building with office space
• two double rooms for overnight stays
• a closed winter pavilion with a kitchen
• toilets
• open and closed showers

• a large awning with a kitchen used to receive fishermen, draw positions for competitions, for formal luncheons, etc.
• awnings, i.e. bungalows, with installed electric power on all fishing positions

• a fence; the entire lake is surrounded by a fence and completely safe for fishermen and fishing equipment, so it is considered a “closed lake”
• Wi-Fi; the entire lake area is covered with a wireless network