A well-known footballer and a master of carp fishing

There are probably very few men in the world who don’t know who Miroslav Klose is. This exemplary striker used to play football for Kaiserslautern, Werder and Bayern Munich. He was also a part of the German national team that won the World Cup in 2014. He was awarded both the gold and the silver boot in the FIFA World Cup. The last club he played for was Lazio in Italy.

It was an honor to have Miroslav as a guest on our lake from May 6th to May 13th 2017. This was the second time he visited the lake. Him and his friends chose the position no. 3.

The acclaimed footballer told us he’s loved fishing ever since he was a child. He didn’t practice carp fishing frequently as he didn’t have the time for it, so he usually went lure fishing. After his career is over, he plans to spend more time going carp fishing. He has fished in Italy, France and Germany.

We baked him a cake to welcome him, and he also had a chance to taste our lamb roast, homemade strudel and a sweetened rice pudding, which he adored!

Here are some photographs of Miroslav Klose and his friends with their catch on lake Zabar.