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Jezero Zabar

Zabar Lake came to existence in the process of digging up gravel for the construction of the Tuzla-Orasje highway, which was built in the time period starting from the mid-sixties all the way to the late seventies of the last century, and during which time the lake got the appearace that it maintains up to this day.

The surface area of the lake complex amounts to 40 ha, 29 ha of which are submerged. The shores are covered with grass, woods and ornamental trees, while the coastal area is covered with various aquatic plants: reeds, cattails and sedges. The lake is ellipse-shaped and it has a jagged coastline in the form of three large peninsulas and one island, as well as a couple of bays.

Being that the lake is essentially a gravel pit in its foundation, the water is pure and it generates from underground springs and sources. Based on a series of tests and analyses, it is without a doubt confirmed that the quality of the water is very high, and it is categorized as drinking water (first class solvency).

Average depth amounts to 4.5 m, with many variations in the bottom structure of the lake manifesting in the form of canals, crossing slopes, shallows and sandbanks partially covered with water plants. The bottom strcuture is 70% gravel, with the remaining 30% being sand, earth and mud. The variations of water levels go from 0.8 to 1 m on an annual basis. Throughout the winter, the surface of the lake is partially frozen.

Many fish stockings were performed from the lake’s creation to this day, using quality types of freshwater fish. Therefore, the lake contains capital specimens of carp, grass carp, silver carp, perch, pike and catfish. It is known that the water ecosystem offers an abundance of fish food: shells, snails, tubifex, gamarus, blood worm and many other water-based organisms that the fish feed on. Furthermore, people who run the lake perform refeedings on a regular basis, thereby enabling maximum growth of quality types of fish and capital fish specimens. This natural complex is also inhabited by various types of birds: mergansers, herons, storks, geese, ducks, swans, pheasants, etc.

The fishing on Zabar lake is condoned solely and exclusively by the “Catch & Release” principle. Therefore, any fish that is caught must be released back into the water as soon as possible, after the measuring and the taking of photographs is done. Considering the fact that the ideal conditions for reproduction exist, as well as for the growth and development of cyprinid fish species, carp fishing is the most common. It is performed using modern methods of hunting carp and grass carp, based on the Rulebook, which was created to improve and modernize the fishing discipline. In accordance with everything mentioned above – planned management is carried out, primarily in regards to restocking both “consumer” and capital fish species. Based on the performed analyses and the statistics of achieved catches, the lake is known to contain numerous specimens of carp and grass carp ranging from 10 to over 30 kg.


Catch & Release

Best regards,

Mišo Jović

  • Cijena dozvole je 25 eur/24 h
  • Cijena bungalova je 20 eur/24 h
  • Iznajmljivanje čamca 5 eur/24 h
  • Iznajmljivanje kadica(kredlova) za prihvat ribe 3 eur/24 h
  • Kukuruz 3 eur 10 kg
  • Pelet 13 eur 10 kg
  • Boile 20 eur 2 kg
  • Boile 6 eur 0,5 kg
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